Calls for  regulations being applied pertaining to the supplies and accommodation offered to the Migrant. These regulation will ensure that certain aspects regarding safety, appropriate accommodation, salaries, human rights, job freedoms, and work hours are met for the main premise of ensuring human rights be met;a.   These regulations will be applied on the contractors as a minimum baseline for employment positions, they must be applied to all positions held and future positions by October of 2018.b.   The first and most important aspect is over-all safety of the construction site, these rules and regulations will deal with the “Fatal Four” causes of construction workplace injuries or death,  Falls, Struck-by-Object, Electrocution , and  Caught-in-Between  incidents  as referred to by professionals within the field of safety.i.   Falling was the leading cause of workplace injuries and deaths when working on construction sites, in 2014 and has been proven to occur as a prevalent issue due to the disregard of safety within QatarConstruction sites in preparation for the World Cup. However, falling is only the leading cause of injuries and death within construction sites due to the lack of employment of appropriate safety measures and kit. Ergo, the following safety equipment and features are recommended to be mandatory as contractors don’t seem to fit them.1.   Guard rails and toe board over every edge that has a subsequent drop of more than 2 meters. As well as a platform or runway, as well as around powerful machinery and equipment.2.   Include safety harnesses and lines on temporary platforms. These will be provided by a list of approved companies. This list must be very inclusive and for any company that produces safety harnesses and lines that can bear a force of 300kg3.   Provide selected equipment to construction workers. Fortunately, most contractors provide exemplary equipment however this must be mandatory for construction companies that do not provide the following: High-Visibility Jacket, Construction Helmet, Construction Boots, and Construction/Electrician gloves. The gloves will also provide protection against another major cause of construction accidents, electrocution.ii.   The second largest contributor to death and injury was electrocution, within Qatar construction sites, 300 deaths and 4,000 injuries have been recorded in 2015 and 2016. Electrocution is a solemn issue within workplaces and construction sites, and fortunately, could be easily solved by undertaking simple safety rules:1.   Provide the appropriate  P ersonal  Pr  otection  E quipment (PPE) to employees, such as safety rubber gloves, and Rubber bottomed-boots (construction boots)2.   Regularly encourage the use of PPE to employees even though they may slow their progress and restrict movement of fingers in an uncomfortable way. This can be done with campaigns or any method of the contractors choosing, this will be assured by the inspections conducted by the Q-UNHRFiii.   The struck by object is also a prominent factor in the number of construction or workplace deaths, however safety against this is fortified by the equipment described above. As the high-visibility and the bright hard-hats jacket allows for quick spotting of a worker so that they aren’t accidentally hurt, the hard hats also offer protectioniv.   Caught-In-between accidents are not usually deadly, however carry often permanent injuries that restrict an employee from working or carrying on daily processes independently. However they can be avoided with certain safety precautions:1.   Encourage close-fitting clothes, and if not have belts that secure any loose shirts, have a secure storage for loose items such as jewelry and watches, as well as pulling back long hair into a bun2. 3. v. their lack of concern for their workers. This only indicates that they have no regard for human life and prioritize cutting costs instead. This theory is further strengthened by the poor pay rates that the construction workers receive. Carry out trainings on safety, such as turning off equipment before repairing it.  Restricting getting close to machinery unless for operation. of the machinery It is appalling that employers and contractors do not take the appropriate safety measures due to

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