” There is a clear change in the characters actions, they are very concise stage directions which allow the characters to know exactly how to act. Giving the characters a very specific way to look, speak and act. The stage directions help to communicate his feelings about capitalism because they make it very clear the actual attitude of the characters. It shows how they actually are and how stubborn and how they live in a world of their own. “Confidently. ” It all gives the image that they are set in their own ways and that they don’t really care about anyone else or anything else except themselves.

The stage directions require the actors consistently improving presence to be sustained through-out the play. The stage directions help the characters progress from ignorance and increases their knowledge and also does the same for the audience. Helping them to see just how Priestly feels about capitalism. Sound effects that Priestly are sounds such as the doorbell just after Birling said “no community. ” This causes a dramatic pause just after the summary Birling makes of a capitalist society has been set out.

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It creates an amount of tension, and also lets the audience know that something is about to happen. Makes them think about what Birling has just said and as well this makes them wonder as to why the doorbell is ringing now. The way the doorbell is rung, it is rung in a way which draws attention to it. Priestly could have just put that the doorbell rang but he places emphasis on it. “sharply rang. ” This there for creating the impression that someone important is about to enter and that something important is about to occur. It is used to act one to attract the audiences’ attention away from Mr.

Birling and onto the inspector, making him the more influential character. Putting him in the limelight, makes the audience think he is about to completely disagree with what Birling has just said. The wording which priestly uses at this point also builds up to a major event. Its not a “chime” like all sweet, like normal doorbells as in some friendly character is about to enter. It is a sharp ring therefore giving it more accusatory and making it more unpleasant. This sound effect is crucial in act one as the significant beginning to the story behind their actions.

It helps the audience to see his main concerns about capitalism because of dramatic irony “set up” all is clearly not what it seems and a sense of unease has been created in the audience when the doorbell rings at such a significant time. “a man is mind his own business and look after himself. ” The audience is therefore primed for the main action of the play. At the very beginning of the play Birling introduces the setting of them play. With this immediate introduction it sets the scene instantly letting the audience know exactly how life is and the way in which the play is going to begin.

It sets the mood of the play straight away. Priestly is trying to create a happy (warm) family look. “… fairly large suburban house, belonging to a prosperous manufacturer. ” This quote is a typical example of the specific way in which Priestly wants the scene to look. Homelike and welcoming, making it seem like everything is good and well with the family he is about to introduce. In 1945 the audience would have been quite shocked at seeing a set like this particually as they know the events which occur just after this time period.

They wouldn’t be able to understand quite why this family was so oblivious, but they would automatically think someone or something is going to explain why the set is the way it is. “… heavily comfortable… ” This quote tells us that priestly is trying to make it look very happy and perhaps overly nice home. Priestly uses words like these to over exaggerate the feeling of the home to make sure the audience knows exactly how to feel, rather than being confused as to why its this way. Priestly begins which this image of middle class in 1912 to show exactly how he feels about capitalism, and how utterly wrong it is.

To show perhaps from personal experience how careless the middle class are, and how caught up in their own world they are that they cannot see what is happening and what they are causing. This is therefore an excellent device that Priestly uses to communicate his main concerns about capitalism. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE J. B. Priestley section. for

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