We also saw lots of jewellery made of Carnelian in the museum. Since carnelian wasn’t native to the Hilli area so we assume that they traded with the people of the Indus Valley, since they had large resources of Carnelian. I think that Hilli had contact with the people of Um An Nar. I think this because fish bones were found by archaeologists in a rubbish pit in Hilli. This indicates that the people of Hilli had contact with Um An Nar, because Um An Nar was an island so it is possible that the people of Hilli had traded with them. They probably exchanged pots for fish.

We know that Hilli had contact with other civilizations at the time like, Mesopotamia, The Indus Valley, Um and Nar. Even though I have no evidence of the people of Hilli having contact with Egypt, Egypt was another civilization that existed at the same time. Mesopotamia was a very successful settlement. Even though the Mesopotamians didn’t have any natural resources they managed to become very prosperous. They traded with many different places to obtain the raw materials they needed. We read a source that showed us The Mesopotamian Lists. These list were list of places that Mesopotamia traded with. We know that the Mesopotamians believed that there were gods for everything. We can still see remains of the Ziggurats they built.

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We know lots about the people of Mesopotamia, their beliefs and lifestyle. We know all this because there are many written sources which have been found that we can understand about Mesopotamia. Egypt was a civilization which was very similar to the civilization of Mesopotamia. They could also write. We learn most of what we know about Egypt from the written sources written by the people of the time. The people of Egypt made many medical advancements. They also believed that there were gods for everything. Egypt also had a system of government which had rulers – the Pharaohs. A good system of government enabled them to be a successful civilisation because they had law and order. They had public health schemes.

The Indus Valley Civilization was another very prosperous settlement. The people of the time could write but we still haven’t deciphered it. This is why we don’t know much about the people of The Indus Valley. By looking at the buildings found there we can tell that they did have a system of government. They had very successful public health schemes which we think was and important part of their religious beliefs.

We don’t know much about the Um An Nar Settlement. We do know that they had similar beliefs to the people of Hilli because the tombs found in both places were very similar. The houses found in Um An Nar were all built of stone. I think that this is because the Um An Nar area was very marshy which meant that they couldn’t build houses from barasti, as they would have decomposed very quickly in marshy areas. With all the information I have gathered I can conclude that the site at Hilli is not enough to tell us about the people’s lives during the 3rd Millennium. We have to look at other sources to learn about details. Artefacts found at the site are very limited in what they tell us about the other peoples lives during the 3rd Millennium.

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