Here are many emotions in the play: Love, hatred, jealousy, and anger. Write about one and how it is presented in the play. I have chosen to look at the emotion love and the part it plays in affecting the storyline. In ‘A View From the Bridge’ by Arthur Miller most of the characters’ actions are fuelled by love. Love drives all the other main emotions in the play. However there are question marks over both the central loving relationships, that of Eddie and Catherine’s and Eddie and Beatrice’s. Catherine’s love for Eddie is that of a daughter for her father as she calls him ‘the sweetest guy’.

She has a doting daughter’s attitude. Catherine cares for Eddie and goes out of her way to please him ‘What do you want me to do? ‘ she asks him upset when he disapproves of her skirt. She wants very much to please him. But Eddie is very hard to please, as he is far too overprotective of her. Catherine’s falls in love with an immigrant who stays with the family ‘I love you Rodolfo’ she tells him. Catherine has never been in a serious relationship before but is deeply in love with Rodolfo who in turn loves her.

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This relationship is normal for people of their age and marriage is quite a natural step for two people in love. Marco is an immigrant who has come to America as his family are starving and as he explains his wife ‘feeds them from her own mouth’ meaning they are starving. Marco’s love has forced him to leave his wife and three children to work in America to make money to feed them. This is a very strong gesture as he plans not to see his family again for ‘four, five, six years maybe’. This relationship highlights the extreme measures people are driven to because of love.

Marco loves his family to the point where he would do anything for them. This shows that in this play love is a real passion that prompts other behaviour. Eddie’s love for Catherine seemed at the beginning of the play just to be the love of a concerned father figure, ‘I think it’s too short ain’t it? ‘ he says worrying about the length of Catherine’s skirt. Eddie is very over protective of Catherine and treats her as if she is still his little girl, which could be damaging to her development in this stage of life as Beatrice points out ‘Look, you gotta get used to it, she’s no baby no more’.

It is time for Eddie to let go but he can’t. Eddie’s obsessive attitude towards Catherine seems strange to everyone except Eddie ‘She can’t marry you, can she? ‘ Alfieri says trying to explain how others might see his behaviour. To everyone else Eddie seems to be perversely in love with Catherine and wants her for himself. I believe this is not the case, I believe Eddie has become used to Catherine’s love for him that he cannot bear to see her adorning her affection on anyone else.

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