Celtics also believe in the Faerie women. In the Medieval Irish story Connla the Fair, an Irish prince falls in love with a gorgeous Faerie woman who lands on the Irish shore in a crystal boat. She offers him an apple. He takes a bite and is hers for eternity because the apple is from the world of Faerie and has magical powers. Together they leave to go to her island where winter never comes and the trees are filled with fruit and blossom year round. There they eat an immense amount of apples which kept them forever young. An apple tree makes music which can dispel “all want or woe or weariness of the soul” (Tree Lore: Apple). The apples from the tree keep the prince on the island because he is “in love” with the Faerie woman. There are many symbols apples have that connect to The Hunger Games. The first symbol is are health. Apples can benefit people’s health in many ways. They can relieve sore throats, poor digestion, or allergies. This is why some people use the phrase, “an apple a day keeps the doctors away” (Hajime). In the novel Katniss “loads a plate with eggs, sausage” and “has a second plate” which shows the Capitol has a lot of food (Collins 87). The Capitol people are considered healthy because they have more than enough food. On the other hand, in the districts, the people have barely enough food to survive. Another symbol the apple has in common with the novel is love. Venus is the Roman goddess of beauty, fertility, and love. In pictures, Venus is often shown holding an apple. Venus is also known for her skills at charm and seduction. Venus means desire and love in Latin (Hajime). There are many instances where love is shown in the novel. Katniss’s love for Prim, Gale, her mom, and Peeta’s love for Katniss. Katniss loves her little sister Prim so much that she volunteers to take her place in the gamesA third symbol between apples and the novel is wisdom. Information, intelligence, and incredible thriving are all what the apple symbolize when people see them developing in their dreams (Food). Another symbol in the novel is when a former victor, Haymitch Abernathy, gives Katniss and Peeta wisdom about how to win the games. He tells them to act like “star-crossed lovers” in order to get sponsorsTo conclude, the apple is symbolic in religion and mythology also. By the end of the novel, Katniss is one of the two victors of the hunger games. Like the Greeks fighting in the Trojan War, Katniss has to fight for survival and for District 12. 

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