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1.1  Industry profile

The financial service business

 The financial service
business provides various types of services like lending money, insurance
services, security issuance and financial market utilities. The common types of
financial service business or institution are banks, merchant bankers, stock
brokerage, insurance companies and many similar businesses.

Financial Service Provided by Bank
or Financial Institution

The Main Operation of Bank covers

Safety deposits

Providing cheque facilities

Providing loans & advances

Providing debit card & credit card

Providing overdraft facilities

Increases savings habit of the customer

E-Banking facilities

Investment Services

Asset administration the term usually
given to depict association which gives or run total investments fund likewise
alludes to benefits furnished by others enlisted with the Securities and
Exchange Commission as registered investment consultants.

Hedge reserves administration- hedge
supports most of the time use the administrations of “major business”
partitions at real speculation banks to finish their trade

Safekeeping administrations- the
protected custody and handling of the world’s securities trade and overhauling
the related portfolios. Resources under the care on the planet are surmised
$100 trillion.

Insurance services

The insurance agency offer to clients
for risk scope managerial. These organizations are planned to cover a few
danger that are related with an individual’s life, property and some other.
These administrative are gives some protection to person’s life, property and
some other.

Reinsurance- Reinsurance is a protection
sold to protect administrators themselves, to shield them from disastrous

Financial advisory services

research investigation controls  from the
SEBI, the research investigation regulation is not expect to control free
speech- an essential pillar of our democracy. As an alternative, it focuses to
control insider data and discourage advice with mall intentions, every
individual or article will fall under one of the three classifications.

Research examiner principles will not
apply- so no leaks required: Reports on the indices, sectoral or general
trends, technical demand or supply analysis and overall economic, political or
market conditions are not under the purview of this regulation i,e. no
revelation requirement exit for authors of such reports.

Research examiner rules apply, however
the beneath classification of creator requirement not be enrolled as RA with

category largely divided into 2 types of authors-

Investment experts, credit rating
agencies, asset management corporations and Fund management are not should have
been enrolled as research examiner with SEBI.

Any one that maker suggestion through
public media ( radio, T.V, internet or print media) is also unnecessary to get
registration as research analyst with in the present regulation.

The individual or entity pursues to form
a mutual slightest knowledge standard for all related individuals recorded as
research analyst below SEBI laws 2014. People employed as RA and associates of
a RA, included with in the planning and publication research report.

Related individual will be desired to
clear the NISM- series – XV : RA certification examination to full fill the
wants lade out rule 7 (2) of the SEBI laws 2014.

Documentation aims to boost the standerd
of services given by the inside  moiney
services industry.

Other Services

Financial organization give services of
brokers, sub brokers and stock brokers for assisting the investors in buying
and selling of securities. The brokerage firms target individual person in
ordered to invest. financial service company mainly help and assist those clients
who are willing invest large amount of money in stock.

They provide loan facility to small
business to help small scale industry and help the entrepreneur to set up the
business and also help to provide employment facility.

Credit rating agencies: are those
company who are evaluate the credit worthiness of any financial service
industry or individual.

Mutual fund : Mutual funds are mainly
concentrates on pooling of money from the large number of individual and put it
under the professional investment management. The portfolio manager will trade
the funds and realise the profit or loss and collect the profit.

Foreign Exchange

exchange services are given by any of the banking industry across the world. FE
services contains

Currency trade: client can purchase and
sell foreign currency notes.

Wire transfer : customer can send funds

Foreign Banks : Transaction are done in
the foreign currency.


Stock Brokering

brokerage firms are business entities which deal with buying and selling of
shares and provide financial intermediaries to investors who as surplus of
saving & invest that savings in that sectors where they will be more
return. This association engage there research in such away as to have enough cash
to the investors the joint aids of low risk, study returns high liquidness,
capital appreciation divergence and talented management.

with an extending capital business sector and a growing number of  financial specialist as sum financial firms.
In Indian retails business industry the agent firms principally fill in as expert
for purchasing and offering of securities like shares, stocks and other cash
related appliances and gain commission for every trade.

National Stock Exchange

 National stock exchange
is one of the leading securities exchange in India located in Mumbai. It was
established in the year of 1992. It is the India’s largest securities exchange
in terms of daily trade member. It provides automated electric trading of a variety
of securities, including equity, corporate debt, central and state government securities,
commercial paper, certificate of deposits and exchange trade funds. The exchange
has more than 1000 listed members. Owned by more than 20 different financial
and insurance hyy6institutions, NSE specialized in three market segment,
wholesale debt, capital market and futures and options. NSE started operation
in 1994.

 The National Stock Exchange of India Limited
was promoted by IDBI, ICICI, IFCI, GIC, LIC, State bank of India, SBI Capital
market limited, SHCIL and IL&FS as a joint stock company under the companies’
act 1956. For clearing and settlement operations, NSE has a wholly owned
subsidiary- NSCCL which commenced activities from April 1996.

is a joint stock company and is a tax paying company. A company seeking listing
on the NSE should have a minimum capital of RS 10 Crore and market capitalization
of at least 25 crore, if it is listed on any other stock exchange. NSE has it
head office in Mumbai and back office in Chennai. It has a settlement guarantee
fund of more than RS300 crores, which ensures that settlement will go on
smoothly, even if any intermediary default.




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