Chapter 19 starts off with Huck and Jim rafting down a river. Huck finds a canoe and goes looking for berries. While canoeing Huck notices two men running on shore. Huck helps the two men out by taking them onto the canoe and to safety. One of the men was about seventy and the other about thirty. The two men didn’t even no one another. They were both criminals who were helping each other escape the law. Both men reveal that they are royalty. The younger man being the Duke of Bridgewater and the older man being the king. The chapter ends with Huck realizing that both of the men were lying but decides to play along with the act so there aren’t any quarrels. Huck decides not to tell Jim thinking it was of no use.Chapter 20 begins with the two men from the previous chapter asking many questions like was Jim a runaway slave? Huck makes up a story to explain that Jim isn’t a runaway slave. It’s turns into nighttime and the two men pretending to be royalty decide to have the best beds. That night there was a storm and Huck and Jim had to sit outside and keep watch while the two men slept peacefully. The next morning the two men decide to put on a show of Romeo and Juliet for the next town they arrive at for some easy money. When the arrive they find out that everyone in the town has left for a religious meeting. The Duke went to the print office in town to sell bills and print a poster for Jim saying he’s captured so no one can stop them for him. While the duke and Jim are at the printing office, Huck and the king decide to go to the meeting so that the king can preach and make some donation money to bring back. The chapter ends with Jim asking the Duke to speak French but he says he forgot how to speak it.Chapter 21 starts of with the Duke and the king practicing Shakespeare lines. Later they decide to finally start acting out the play when they arrive at Arkansas. They had a admission charge of 25 cents per person. Soon they met someone by the name of Boggs who loved to get drunk on his horse threatening to kill people he didn’t like. Everyone was used to him so they just laughed at his empty threats. This time he decided to threaten someone named Colonel Sherburn who owned the biggest store in town. Sherburn told Boggs to stop or he will die, but he continues to insult him. The townspeople get Boggs’ daughter to try to calm her father down but he wouldn’t stop. A few moments later Sherburn comes out of his store with a pistol and shoots Boggs in his face twice in front of his daughter.  The chapter ends with townspeople yelling Sherburn should be lynched.

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