The grand parent of a typical
African is greed. I look at greed as an intense desire for material gains which
at times you may not finish. While greed amongst children applies on food,
sweets and petty items, to the mature or somewhat grown up, greed is for
material gains. it is characterized by selfish interests that rotate in one’s
heart, mind and spirit and cannot be easily erased out. Have you seen a scenario
when you que for food?  A greedy friend
cannot be controlled, they will skip others, jump onto the serving table and
pick food. They can never be convinced that food can be enough. With money,
greed can never let you believe that what you’re carrying or what you have is
enough. Greed is governed by six killer pillars;

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While every phenomenon you see in
life is governed by invisible forces that cannot be identified physically but
through psychological insights and observations, greed also has them and they

The Scarcity syndrome


Deep thinking

Closed eyes



With the above six killer
pillars, greed cannot be ruled out or escaped in one’s life. Let me take you
through how they all work to manipulate the human kind. Mahatma Gandhi shows us
that the earth has all what it takes to satisfy all man’s needs but not
everyone’s greed. Greed is thus covetousness or avarice. In the Summa
Theologiae, Medieval theologian Thomas Aquinas said Greed: “it
is a sin directly against one’s neighbor, since one man cannot over-abound in
external riches, without another man lacking them… it is a sin against God,
just as all mortal sins, in as much as man contemns things eternal for the sake
of temporal things. What Thomas argued is more understandable to only strong
believers in God our Lord. By being greedy, you are deriding off eternal gains
simply for temporally gains. This is of no importance but greed will always
come so as long as the six killer pillars are not controlled. Let’s sail
through their highlight;

The Scarcity syndrome

A syndrome is a disease. It is
one that grows slowly but steadily. My wife Susanie Faith once told me that we
may be slow but sure and steadily improving. A syndrome however, steadily but
surely worsens. Scarcity is a state of inadequacy of what one wants or needs.
Whilst scarcity is acknowledged as limitedness, the scarcity syndrome is
somewhat different. This syndrome occurs in a situation when a person sees
whatever is available as inadequate. Well, it could be a stingy nature of a
person or an adopted character perhaps like that of a typical accountant who
knows every coin counts.

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