Chapter III


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Following are the proposed methods
in which this study was carried out.

3.1. Research design:

            Qualitative research design was used
for this study. This technique was explore the perception
of Pakistani youngsters condition after the breakup regarding breakups could
lead to cause of many behavioral, social, emotional and psychological problems
of Pakistani adolescence.

3.2. Sampling

sampling design was used in this study. It is a technique in which sample is
selected as they have certain specific characteristics and features amongst
them. Sample size was 8 in this study (N=4) females and (N=4) males. This
research participant was fully focused on open ended and semi structure
interview method “what was the experience behind the breakup? How do you think
this breakup will affect your future?  We
used convenient sampling technique for data collection. Our duration to get one
sample is 30 to 40 min. Our sample size was eight which consist of four males
and four females .Response from girl side was not good because our culture and
society do not allow us to express our thoughts and desires independently. On
the other hand, boys cooperated with us and answered our questions eagerly and

Operational Definition of breakup

Romantic involvement has long been recognized as an
important part of life. Although marriage has received the bulk of empirical
attention (Kiecolt-Glaser & Newton, 2001), the separation or breaking
up of something into several pieces or sections is called breakup.

(Gross & John, 2003).

3.2.1. Sample of survey

The data
was collected from colleges and universities with cooperation of head of
department and vice chancellor of the university. The data collection takes in
different colleges and universities of urban area by the permission of head of
department of this institute. Our sample size consists of eight participants
who consist of four male and four female’s .We use survey method and interview
questions are semi structured. Boys co-operated with me while girls, on the
other hand, did not properly discuss this issue or revealed their thoughts and
emotions. Sample
was collected by means of convenient sampling. The convenient numbers of
participants were 8 from which 4 were females and 4 were males.

3.2.2. Inclusion Criteria

Punjab University, LCW and MAO College students.

Students who were between 18 to 25 years of age.

3.2.3. Exclusion Criteria

Students apart from University of Lahore, Lahore.

Working male and females

Age above 30 years


Pakistan is a diverse society. After accomplishment of the interview,
participants’ response was written in a diary which only has access of the
investigator.  Teacher or parents have no
access to know these views of youngsters. Token economy was used in the form of
water and juices. For the sensitivity of the topic, the investigator also
arrangement a semi structured questions and gave a peaceful environment.  A short key was used during the interviews.


•           Permission
for data collection was taken from the authority figure of the university.

•           Participants
were informed that they have a right withdraw from this research study     anytime they want.

•           Participants
were assured of their anonymity in the study.


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