The debatable one child policy of China has ultimately stirred many people's emotions and views on how to solve the population problem.Carroll Bogert et al are a fraction of those people whose viewpoint concerning the one child policy leans towards ending it, since it leads to human rights violations and physical abuse. Their article "Rethinking family Values" is mainly concerned with their views on how the one child policy affects orphans who are neglected primarily by their parents and then later by the government in order to rid China of its population problems. While on the other end of the stick Peng Peiyum's "One Family, One Child" argues that the one child policy, although a controversial subject, is however a method of benefiting society and stabilizing the global population. After reviewing the aforementioned articles thoroughly, it was obvious that Peng's article was much stronger than Bogert et al. As they lack strong factual evidence, clarity and implement contradictory points while Peng provides a stronger argument with strong supporting evidence.
Bogert et al, though making a passionate effort to convey their views, they fail to provide a convincing piece of work. They argue that family planning leads to neglect and abuse of the individuals involved, which in turn ends up hurting society as a whole. Bogert et al also believe that there are too many drawbacks to the family planning approach, including orphans, abandonment, and simply the defiance against the basic human right to produce children. However, no strong evidence was located in order to help support their; as they simply say "untold abuses have been committed in its [one child policy] name" (Bogert 1). Saying that may move someone's feelings however it doesn't provide any concrete evidence.
The lack of clarity further enhances the reader's puzzlement; this can be seen in thefirst page of th…

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