No matter where a child grows up or what part of the world he or she is from, one thing always remains the same: they all go through different stages in their life.From the innocence of youth, to the rebellious teen years, to hopefully maturing into a responsible young adult, these stages are marked by their own specific traits.Growing up in Shen-Young China, my experiences were no different than those of a typical child who came from a family with a strong moral background.However, when I started maturing into a teenager, I had an experience that was not pleasant at all at the time, but did change my life considerably.Due to my rebellious nature and uncontrollable angst, my parents felt the need to send me away to a private boarding school in Beijing.
Youth is a time for exploration and discovery.However, once the teenage years are reached, it seems like there is a whole new world out there to discover.There are new friends to make, new types of parties to go to, and unfortunately new types of trouble to get into.As the youngest child in the family growing up, I tended to be spoiled and was able to get away with a lot more than my brother and sisters got away with.Although I thought I was really enjoying myself, my parents were still very strict and traditional and I didn't enjoy too much freedom.As I got a little older though, my parents offered me a little more freedom here and there to appease my begging.My need for freedom grew every time my parents allowed me to stay out a little longer or do something that I previously was not able to do.Eventually my parents caught onto me that I may have been pushing their boundaries and allowed my newfound freedom to affect my schoolwork, and they started to become stricter with me.This did not sit very well with me and led to this major turning point in my life.
As my freedom became more restricted and the rules became tighter, I had to come up with ways t…

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