For a long time China was the leading civilization in the arts and science After World War 2 Mad Zedong made a dictatorship. It ensured China's way of life. It costed ten million lives of their people. China's capital is Beijing.
China is slightly smaller than the United States. China's location is in Eastern Asia. It borders the East China Sea. China borders the Korea Bay. China borders the Yellow Sea. China also borders the South China Sea, between North Korea and Vietnam. China's coordinates on the map is 105.00 East and 35.00 North. China's total land area is 9,326,410 sq km. China's climate is extremely diverse; tropical in the south to subartic in the north. China's coastline is 14,500 km. China's lowest point is Turpan Pendi -154 m and the highest point is Mount Everest 8,850 m.
China has a lot of natural resources. China has iron, steal, and coal. China machine buildings, armaments, textiles, and apparel.China makes petroleum, cement, chemical fertilizers, footware, toys, food processing,automobiles, consumer electronics, and telecommunications.China's industrial production growth rate is30.4%.China's oil-production 3.3 million bbl/day.China's oil consumption is 4.57million bbl/day.China exports 151,200 bbl/day of oil.China imports1.207 million bbl/day of oil.China's oil-proved reserves 26.75 billion bbl of oil.China has 30.3 billion natural gas production.China's natural gas consumption is 27.4 billion.China's natural gas exports is 0, and China's imports 0.China's natural gas reserves 1.29 trillion.
China's birth rate is 12.98.China's death rate is 6.92.China's sex ratio at birth 1.12 males/females.Females under 15 years 1.13males/females.15-64 years is 1.06males/females.65 years and over 0.09males/females.Total population 1.06male/females.Total fertility rate 1.69 children bornwome

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