The age of exploration. A time when exploring was arguably the most important thing to do in life. The countries were not yet all discovered and animals and spices were native only to small areas. So exploration expanded the world. There have been many famous explorations, such as Christopher Columbus's trip to the new world (America). But many smaller trips were also made. The country of China, although not known for exploration was actually affected by it greatly. One might think that it is impossible for exploration to have an affect on China. But Without European exploration, who knows what would have happened to China. It would not be what it is today. It would be entirely different. Explorers from Europe, desert and sea routes, and the maritime expeditions, are the three main ways how European exploration affected China. European exploration was a great occurrence it not only expanded our world but also expanded the ideas of one of its greatest countries.
European exploration went everywhere. They explored the earth everywhere that they could. So it was of no surprise that China was a choice on the list. An explorer by the name of Marco Polo sailed to China in the 13th century. He was supposed to convert the then China ruling Mongols to Christianity. (http://geography.miningco.com/science/geography/library/weekly/aa081798.htm. About .com). Instead all he did was obtain spices and leave. But in his brief stay he helped the Chinese. He showed them some ships and boats that he had sailed on. The Chinese having a good idea of what these ships looked like tried to mimic some things that they did not have. Now the Chinese have better ships and will be able to sail better, easier, and at greater distances. So Unknowingly, a great explorer along with few others, greatly helped the advance of the Chinese sailing and aquatic ways.
Despite this, even before explorers came to China they already had an idea of exploration. China w…

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