The day after the American plane bombed the Chinese embassy in Yugoslavia, our core teacher took one whole period telling us how bad the United States was, and how we should never bow down to them. Every student in my class including myself was furious. One year after, the tragedy was written in our textbook. I read the passage about the evilness of the United States to my uncle with anger and patriotism on the phone. He said nothing, just sighed. That year, he was in America.
A few years later, I was in Canada, a completely different world that turned my beliefs completely upset down, and put me into total confusion. Living in Canada has made me look at the world from a different perspective. When I was in China, my teachers and the news were my only two sources of politics. In other words, I only knew what the Chinese government wanted everyone to know.
In the past, I always thought Tibet was just a one of China's provinces, it was trying to be separated from us, and Dalai Lama was the bad person who caused it. The idea had never budged in my mind, until the day I received my world religions textbook. On the timeline of the chapter of Buddhism, it clearly stated that, "1989 CE Dalai Lama receives Nobel peace prize." I was shocked. Why would an evil person who was trying to separate brothers of the same family like him receive a peace prize? Was the world crazy? After I read Dalai Lama's profile, another sentence shocked me even more—"the Chinese took complete control of Tibet". What did they mean by took complete control? They were apart of us! They were in control the whole time! I knew some Canadians believed that China invaded Tibet, but I never could have thought that it would be included in a textbook. More sense came into me after. This was a Canadian textbook, unlike Japan, Canadians should not falsify it, but if they did not, did that mean they were telling the fact? And China invaded Tib

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