In our society, the United States, children are seen potentially as the future.Whether they are male or female they have the power to do something when they grow up, but if their life is cut short, the opportunity to do so is taken away.
Throughout centuries China has been battling with overpopulation.With a population of 1.3 billion (O;Donnell, Lynne), China is the most populated nation in the world.The country attempted to cure some of its population woes by establishing the one-child policy.This policy was passed in 1979, and it restricts how many children each Chinese family can have.The controversy surrounding the issue is whether or not China should keep this policy existing.Some would say yes because it controls the population growth, and if we don;t control it, the world will go in debt.Some even think more countries should pass policy like China has.On the other hand, some feel the policy should be banned because of the children;s lives that are being put at risk.
The policy known as the one-child policy restricts urban couples to one child and allows rural couples a second child if theirfirst is a girl (LexisNexis, Aug. 9, 2001).If families have children illegally they are subjected to harsh punishment including jailing and trying them in kangaroo courts, razing their houses and confiscating farm animals (LexisNexis, Sep. 1, 2002).Since the beginning of time, females were always seen as Montgomery Page 2
being inferior to males in any society.The females; ultimate duties were to have and take care of the children, the household duties, and be the servant to their husbands while the males worked and took care of the family in terms of financial status.In China, the males are the ones that the majority of the couples choose because they are the ones who not only carry on the family name, but ;they also stay with the

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