From the earliest awakenings of Chinese civilization, the Chinese have sought out what they believe to be spiritual perfection.This numinous sense of flawlessness existed within the people themselves, in nature, and between the two as well.Art has always been a common means for the Chinese to achieve such inner tranquility and peace.In their art, they stressed the dignified qualities of serenity, grace, and balance.They avoided confusion, conflict, and all violent emotions no matter what the price.Unsettling or revolutionary forms of experimental art were not welcome even to this day.On the other hand, expressing nobility and inner-worth was considered a necessity.It has been rightfully stated that Chinese art is not just a hobby.It is ultimately ;a way of being; .To appreciate the significance of art fully, we must keep in mind a commandment of Confucius: ;Raise yourself to the beautiful.;
The Ch;ing period, also referred to as the ;Manchu;period was an extremely active one for the arts. It was an age of research, preservation of ancient texts, and the collecting of bronzes and paintings. There was no great change in the manner of painting after the fall of the Ming. A variety of styles for painters to follow already existed. Many painters varied their own personal style by combining those styles which preceded them. However, the most renowned Ch;ing painters relied on their own ingenuity to create styles that even the weight of tradition could not suffocate.
During the late 17th and early 18th centuries, most artists followed the examples of Tung Ch;i-ch;ang.He believed in not just reproducing nature;s outer appearance, but expressing his own inner feelings on the subject at hand. The Ch;ing painters studied the old masters, as Tung Ch;i-ch;ang suggested to them, in order to discover their technical secrets. Later they learned to us

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