What really is true art? Who can say that somthing is not art but
another object is not? If a person is well educated does that qualify
him to judge what is art and what isn't? Art is more of an opinion
than a clear fact. What i value and proclame is pure art some one
more educated might come up and say "Thats not even close to
art". Art comes in many diffrent shaps and forms. A few diffrent
forms of"art" are paintings, sculptures, calligraphy, architecture,
ceramics, drawings, dance, and lacquerwork.
Chinese art hase been ifluenced by the west and others through
trade. Some Chinese artists have been majorly ifluenced by the
western styles and techniques, and some Chinese artists have not
had a noticfull western ifluence on there art. The early Chinese art
hase been preserved by the custom of burying there ruler and other
significant persones in tombs filled with paintings, sculptures, and
ceramicsand other stuff. So now days most of the paintings and
stuff in the tombs are preserved. Unfortunately later on the Chinese
stoped burying there significant persons in large tombs filled with
art work. So the art ceated in those days rotted or got destroyed.
The Chinese paintings and ceramics were often verry colorful and
The Qianlong emperor is famous for among other things this
commissioning the largest of all Chinese jade sculptures. It took
three years for one hundred horses and one thousand workmen to
transport the enormous stone, which weighs about six tons. After
about eight years and one hundred and fifty thousand working days
the team finely finished the sculpture. It was installed in Beijing

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