Another topic discussed was Chinese traditions.Traditions are a large part of the Chinese culture and are taken very seriously.A common goal to achieve in any culture is beauty.The Chinese believe that foot binding will not only allow them to attain beauty but will also allow them to achieve a good life.Foot Binding began in the North and then eventually moved throughout China.Atfirst it was only the court dancers and the women of the court and then the wealthy, royalty, and eventually all classes including the poor practiced foot binding.
The process began for girls around the ages of four to six. The mother was the one who bound the feet and the reason it started at such a young age was because the feet were so young they didn't have a chance to fully develop.The mother would chose to began practicing during the winter months so the weather would numb the feet and the girl would not be in a great deal of pain.Not only was the process long and agonizing but the consequences were even worse.The process would begin with the soaking of the girl's feet in warm water or animal blood that would allow for the dead flesh to fall off. After this her toenails would be cut so short making it impossible for them to grow into the foot.Then she would receive a foot massage and the four smallest toes were then broken.Once this was finished, the feet were wrapped with bandages starting around the smallest toes and pulled tightly to the heel.The bandages were then taken off and rebound every two days for about two years.After this long process her feet were only about three to four inches long.
Not only was there an excess amount of pain, but there were many health risks associated with foot binding.After about three years the girl's feet would die, causing a horrible smell to follow the girl where ever she went.One of the most common effects was the risk of infection because the ball of the f…

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