China is one of the largest countires in the world and the most populated.China is a communist country that holds many different beliefs and values then our own free country, the United States of America.This communist country is very restricted and government controlled.The United States focuses more on people control.Here we have choices, we vote and we have many freedoms.Our leaders are not intent on hiding everything from us.This is not to say that we have completely honest leaders, but in years past, I believe this to be shown more predominant.
In the past the American government has not always been completely open with the general population, but it has never been as restricting as other countries in the world, including China.Recent years show more of an open government in the United States, especially with President Bill Clinton.Being a part of the trial for impeachment of Bill Clinton opened America up to see that our government is comprised of people too.It also showed us that they make mistakes and are not hiding behind their power to keep it a secret from the general population.More and more, the government is being open with the general public about terrorism and going to war.Since media became a big deal, it seems that we can know just about anything we need to know about our government.
In contrast to this, China keeps many aspects of its government hidden from the general population.People in China do not have the same kind of inside information that we get from our media.Most people do not have access to the internet, and those who do, may not have full access.China has forever tried to shield their people from the idea of democracy and general human rights offered in many other countires, like the United States of America.Many of the policies implimented in China would never be accepted in the United States.Americans value their free choice too much to follow any laws compromising…

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