Three coal mine explosions occurred in China this past Wednesday, October 20. The most devastating of which happened in Xinmi, located in the province of Henan. Several gas explosions in the mine have left rescuers to find sixty four dead bodies, and still searching for eighty four more. Yahoo News and Reuters UK have reported on this incident from two differing points of view, and this comes from who they believe is responsible for the incidents.
Yahoo News reports on the incidents as if they are the fault of the bosses controlling the mines. In a quote taken from Li, whose nephew was trapped in the mine, and is yet to be found says that “There was a lot of talk in the mine that the mine boss was no good. A lot of the miners did not like him.” The China Labor Bulletin, a Hong Kong based human rights group says that there are over twenty thousand coal mine related deaths per year in China. They believe that the reason for this comes from the coal mining bosses’s lack of attention to safety needed for the workers to operate in good conditions. The group believes that there are many fatalities that go unreported by mine bosses so that they will not be subject to penalties, and also that their mine will not be shut down. Many people have gathered outside of the Xinmi mine in hopes that they will receive some news of their family members sooner. From what Yahoo News has reported, the fault of this particular mining accident, and the other ones as well lies with the mining bosses’s lack of attention to safety.
Reuters UK reports on the incidents that took place on Wednesday
focuses on a lot of governmental related problems that seem to have caused these deaths. China’s government relies heavily on their own production of coal as a cheap way to find energy. The government puts a lot of pressure on mine workers and mine bosses to maximize their production of coal. Li Dun, a sociologist at Beijing’s Qinghua University, says tha…

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