In many respects, the Chinese culture is very different from our own American culture.In traditional Chinese culture, families valued sons over daughters.In modern times, however, both girls and boys are valued in Chinese homes.In the United States, it is a family's choice as to the type of family planning they wish to implement, if any at all.In China, however, family planning is forced.
China's 1982 Constitution stipulates that the state should promote the practice of family planning (art. 25), and that both husband and wife have an obligation to practice family planning .In many cases, contraception is the more widely accepted form of family planning.Oftentimes, people become wary of any type of restriction on their God-given right to reproduce.It is in these types of cases that religion and various religious beliefs become important.
There are various types of religions in China.The most prominent religions are Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism.Each of the religions has different views on family planning.
The Buddhist religion is traditionally "pronatalist" (in favor of reproduction).Buddhism is, however, open to contraception and family planning.According to Parichart Suwanbubbha, "it is possible to say that Buddhist teachings allow individuals, including women to have the right to plan their family according to their own circumstances using any methods of safe contraception."Contraception can be justified by "economic misery and quality of life in all members in a family". According to the Middle Way of the Buddhist religion, there can be such a thing as too many children.Buddhists believe that family planning should be allowed and that a good government should provide those services.
The Taoist religion is not against contraception.The ideal Tao society was "the small state with a little population" that could prevent people from…

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