I. The Chinese mafia began in order to overthrow the Han dynasty.
A. The group started by helping the people fight against mistreatments sone by the government.
B. The group operates on a simple hierarchy system that has been used for hundreds of years.
C. After the end of the Qing Dynasty, the groups became split on what to do.
I. Triads came to America during the late 1800's
A. Tom Lee was the founder of one of America'sfirst Triad groups.
B. Mock Duck created a second group which started war between the two factions.
C. Technology has helped the Triads become more efficient criminals.
I. In modern times, the triads have broadened their business to include prostitution, imigration, money laundering, opium & heroin trade, and even software.
A. Illegal immigrants are often shipped here under poor conditions
B. Woman are forced to either work prostitution or even become a slave house wife.
IV. The Chinese mafia is currently a powerful force that holds dire consequences for those who cross them.
A. Businesses that have the words tong or society can be suspect of having triad ties.
B. Triads often hide as corporations to conceal their identities.
C. Agencies from all over the world are trying to stop triads illegal actions.
V. Overall the group preys on the weak and should be avoided.
The Chinese Mafia or Triads as they are commonly referred as, is one of the oldest and most powerful organizations in the world.Since 200 years before Christ, it has been controlling everything from business to the individual, yet it masquerades as an organization for the people.For the past few decade’s agencies have been trying to battle the organized crime syndicate, but little ground has been made.The Triads have gone through many changes as time has progressed.First starting as a rebellion, a crime ring, and now a powerful force that has many agencies trying to track its every move.
In the beginning…

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