Choosing an engagement ring, the symbol par excellence of a commitment to love, cannot be made lightly. In this article we give you 5 mistakes to avoid and tips on how to choose the right engagement ring.While tradition in this direction has evolved, an engagement without an ring is not a real engagement! If you truly desire to make the moment special, do not choose the said ring in a hurry. Do not panic if you are not sure how to do it, we give you 5 tips on how to make the right choice.1. A Ring That is Too Big or Too SmallImagine the scene: you are about to make your marriage proposal. You have everything planned: candles for a romantic atmosphere, the bottle of Champagne waiting in the fridge, soft music… You get down on one knee, but the moment your other half says yes, you cannot slip the engagement ring on the finger! It’s because you chose a ring too small. It is a very embarrassing mistake that is easily avoided.To choose the size of the ring, just use a ring from the jewelry box of your other half, and either a meter or a piece of paper and a ruler. The meter or piece of paper will measure the inside of the ring so you can choose the right ring size. All you have to do is choose the right model.2. The MetalFind out beforehand: which metal will please your future wife the most? It is said that cold complexions are better with silver and that gold will be suitable for warm complexions, but it is important that the chosen metal please the one who will wear the engagement ring every day! For that, nothing simpler to prevent errors: ask her the question, telling her that you are thinking of offering her jewelry for Christmas or his birthday.Once the choice between gold, silver or platinum is made, it is necessary to choose the number of carats of the solitaire diamond. 3. The JewelThis is definitely the hardest thing to choose from when buying an engagement ring. Unless you opt for a classic solitaire diamond that is always fun, the options for the jewels are almost too many. The ruby, of a red color, symbolizes love and passion. The white of the diamond is reminiscent of purity and virginity. The emerald, meanwhile, refers to wisdom, hope and loyalty. Maybe that’s why this stone pleased Cleopatra as much as it did. Today, emeralds are well liked, just like the ruby. These stones are considered more “original” than the diamond.However, you should know that the cost of emerald can rise quickly, especially if the stone has a very transparent color and no imperfections in the heart.Whether you choose a solitaire diamond, a ring accompanied (with a central diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds) or even a wooden ring (why not after all), it is necessary that you really like the jewel, that you have a crush after taking into account the rational factors of the purchase related to size, budget, etc.Whenever possible, try to match the engagement ring to the wedding band you will wear on your wedding day. Even if today it is no longer considered a mistake to wear gold and silver together, it is true that it is better for the two rings to match, as they will be worn on the same finger!

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