Christian and rock are two words that usually do not accompany each other, my only question is why not? Can Christian music rock? A lot of people steer clear of today's contempary Christian hits because they hear the word Christian and decide that they do not want to drive around listening to the church hymns that their grandparents sing, however, that is not what today's Christian music is all about. In fact a lot of people are guilty of being Christian music fans without even realizing it. Recently gospel music has been breaking into the main stream, and big time Christian hits are being played on anything from the secular radio station to MTV. Bands like Switchfoot, Jars of Clay, Relient K, and Audio A are just a few examples of Christians that rock, their bands have chart topping hits and they, along with many other Christians that rock, will be playing in the Ichthus music festival this year. Along with Ichthus Christians also have their own version of the about everything from the dance club, to a rave where they play all the most recent Christian music hits.
"Gospel music’s mainstream conversion is a movement in progress. Momentum, however, is definitely building;(Mitchell1) no one can deny that recently a lot of Christian music has been going mainstream. I have turned on the radio to secular stations numerous times and heard some of my favorite Christian bands. An example of the recent play would be switchfoot with their song called ;Meant to Live;(Mitchell 1) the song has been topping the secular charts and is actually at the moment included in the top 100 videos at launch.yahoo.com and was in last Decembers top 10 modern rock chart. A lot of people do not realize that switchfoot is a Christian band, but indeed they are, and with the presentation of the facts in the above paragraph, it would be hard to deny that they rock. However switchfoot is just one example of a Christian band that is toppi…

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