A few years ago there was a fortuneteller living next to my house. From what I remembered she was very famous, her predictions were very accurate as there were so many people visiting her everyday. I heard that she had used a very big crystal ball to tell fortune. I was so afraid to visit her house until one day…
It was Christmas Eve, my mother asked me to bring a gift to the fortuneteller next door. Atfirst I did not want to go but somehow I knocked on her door with a small wrapped gift. There was a very kind and young lady answered the door. After introducing myself I asked for the fortune telling lady. She replied she was the person that I was trying to find. I was so surprised as I thought the fortune telling lady must be a tough and old lady. She thanked me for the gift and asked me for a snack with her. Her name was Lucy, from what she told me she inherited the fortune telling crystal ball from her mother, whom was very ill. I noticed that it was very late already. I thanked her for the snack and ready to leave. She said she appreciated our kindness so much that she was going to perform a free fortune telling for me. I was so excited that I did not know what to ask for. We went into a room with only a table and 2 chairs. A crystal ball was sitting at the middle of the table, coving by veil. We both took a seat and she said the crystal ball would be able to answer any question, from the past to the future.
I was so nervous, didn't know what I should ask. Finally I asked the ball, "Tell me what the world is going to be after 3000 years." There was sudden flash from the ball and there was nothing in the ball except darkness. Lucy was surprised too, she said it should be showing something, not just darkness. Then she said, " The reason why there was nothing in the ball was 3000 later, there will be no lights in this planet." She further explained that it seems that a huge layer of dusk and pollutants …

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