Some challenges the English faced in settling Virginia were challenges like disease and death because of the location of the colony, challenges involving leaders because there were no real leaders and there were arguments over trivial things, and challenges involving work being done because none of the settlers had ever done any hard work in their lives.
Even though North America was a difficult, dangerous place for both the Spanish and the English, they still wanted to settle there because it offered economic strengthening opportunities, a possible trade post or route, and it provided a safe haven for people escaping religious persecution.
(a) New England Colonies – four English colonies in the northeastern U.S. that
included Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode Island
(b) Puritan – person who favored the purification of England's Anglican Church
(c) Persecute – to oppress someone because of his or her beliefs
(d) Pilgrim – one of the group of English separatists who established Plymouth
(e) Mayflower Compact – agreement in which settlers of Plymouth Colony agreed to
obey their government's laws
(f) Great Migration – migration of English settlers to Massachusetts Bay Colony
beginning in the 1630's
(g) Religious Tolerance – idea that people of different religions should live in peace
(h) Salem Witch Trials – the prosecution and execution of twenty women and men for
witchcraft in Massachusetts in 1692
(i)Sachem – a Native American leader
(j)Pequot War – war between English settlers and Pequot Indians in 1637
(k) King Philip's War – war, beginning in1675, betwee

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