The 5th of May, or how it is said in Spanish, Cinco de Mayo, is an important date for Mexican people.It is celebrated with foods and parties on May 5.Why is the 5th of May an important date?Because that was the date that the 4,000 Mexican soldiers fought and defeated the French armies of 8,000 men.They did this at Pueblo, Mexico, 100 miles east of Mexico City.
The French had landed in Mexico a few months prior to the battle to collect debts from the President Benito Juarez.Napoleon III had plans to stay and rule the New Mexican Empire.He appointed a Hapsburg prince, Maximilian, to rule it.The French were confident they would win if they put up a fight mostly because they had a strong army, had not been defeated in 5o years, and the U.S. was involved in its own Civil War.
The French took off to attack Mexico City to the west, which is the small city of Pueblo, and figured they would fall if their capital were surrendered.Under the leadership of General Zaragosa and Colonel Porfirio Diaz, the Mexican army awaited the attack of the French.Colonel Diaz and his cavalry proceeded to the French flanks and the French cavalry followed and practically got wiped out.When the remaining French cavalry charged the city, cattle that were rustled up by Indians trampled them.
This victory against the French ties into the U.S. conflict of our Civil War.The Mexican armies beating the French kept them from supplying the confederates.Therefore, after the Civil War was over, we came and helped the Mexicans finally expel the French from Mexico forever.This helped the friendship bond between the U.S. and Mexico.We have helped each other out in many different wars, such as WW II.
That is why we in America also celebrate Cinco de Mayo.It's not called the Mexican Independence Day, but it sure did help them gain their freedom and liberty.So in a way, the small Mexican army that fought the French that day, the …

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