is a part of this great country and made the evolution of the country called
America, and it starts with the Declaration of Independence written by Thomas
Jefferson then the next article was the Articles of Confederation. The Articles
of Confederation is the article that gave some power to the federal government
but since this blocked most power from the government these were many
weaknesses in it. Here are some weaknesses of the Article of Confederation:
9/13 states had to vote for a law to be past, Congress had lacked the ability
to collect taxes, and each state had their own currency instead of a national
currency. This is made a big debate between Federalist and anti-federalist; the
federalist were the people who wanted to have a constitution instead of a bill
of rights, while the anti-federalist didn’t want a constitution because it gave
too much power to the Federal government. This takes us to the next topic of
Anti-federalist and the federalist.

            There were many weaknesses in the
Article of Confederation, this lead to groups people who wanted a constitution
and the people who wanted a bill of rights, these people were called the
Federalist and the Anti-Federalist. The Federalist wanted a constitution, so
they can give power to the federal government, but left out a bill of right
because they believed that the government will provide the rights for the people.
The Anti-Federalist were people who believed that they need a bill of rights to
ensure citizen rights and thought a constitution will give too much power to
the Federal government, so they argued against the constitution. This was a big
argument that had most of the country divided and fought a lot, soon both a
constitution and bill of rights were added to make sure that both party got
what they had wanted. There were many political fights trough this time with
soon the plans between Virginia and New Jersey.

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            There were many ideas through out
the time through American revolution like it the plans from Virginia, New
Jersey, and Connecticut plans. The Virginia plan was plan that was going help
fix the articles of confederation, give more senates to state with more
population, the second branch of government will vote first. The Jersey plan
was going to revise the articles of confederation, if 3/5th of
congress voted it will accepted, and the branches of government had to say an
oath under the articles of confederation. The Connecticut plan also known as
the Great Comprise was a plan that combined the Jersey and Virginia plans that
made fair for the largest and smallest states, it gave two senates for each
state. These plans lead to the constitution and soon the three branches of
government, Legislative, executive, judiciary.

three branches of government are legislative, executive, and judiciary branches
of government that separate the government powers, there is a system that keeps
these branches from being to power full. The legislative branch also known as
Congress which is the branch that creates laws and it can impeachment the
president and veto it. Executive branch or the Presidential branch it has the
power to sign treaties, appoint judges and veto laws. The Judiciary branch or
the Supreme Court has the power to enforce the law, approves impeachments. The
system that blocks one branch from being to powerful is Checks and balances is
the ability to stop each other power from having too much power.

            Many things have mistakes like the
Constitution, the constitution and there is process that fixes the mistakes
that constitution, it’s called Amending when they are done they are called
Amendments. The first part is when someone in congress proposes the idea, next
congress votes on it and if 2/3 of congress agrees it is now official. The
first ten amendment were to give rights to the people; the group of amendments
were called the Bill of Rights. Amendments are important because incase
something in the constitution that contradicts now humanly rights they can be
changed so it would humanly correct.

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