Lebanon lived through it's darkest era nearly twenty seven years ago when a severe civil war broke out. .Sectarian hatred developed as constant conflicts occurred resulting in a bloody devastating religious war.
The war resulted in at least 100,000 deaths, ruined cities, and homeless and traumatized people.Lebanese fought with other fellow Lebanese people and killed one another due to their cultural differences.These internal conflicts led to the intervention of many outside countries seeking their own benefits.After fifteen wars of bloodshed, the war came to an end and peace talks were taking place.Since the war was over, the government is continuously working on rebuilding the country which could take decades to do.However, what is more important is erasing the bad memories and burying the segregated attitudes which built up among the people; such an issue could take a very long time to achieve.
April 13, 1975 was the beginning of a gloomy era for Lebanon when an attempted assassination against Pierre Jumayyil, the ex-president of Lebanon, took place.Believing that the assassins were of Palestinian origin, a bus carrying Palestinian passengers was attacked killing twenty six of them; thus occurred the spark which ignited the Lebanese civil war.These events led to what was thought of as a religious war of Christian versus Muslim.Soon parties were being formed each following its own beliefs and attitudes; those in favor of the situation were known as the Lebanese Front and those against were the Lebanese National Movement.As the conflicts between the two sides intensified, the Lebanese army was mobilizing to end the conflict.In addition, bordering Syria began its involvement.As time passed, more groups were being formed and were forming alliances with either of the two sides.Battles were increasing in number and intensity resulting in more deaths and destruction.There came a point when the Chri…

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