Claes Oldenburg is a arist that has tested the modern art scene with his huge art sites like his giant bow and arrow in San Francisco.Claes Oldenburg is a modern artist and he makes art showing normal everyday things as sculptures they are either small or big most of his work isof a large scale he uses mixed medium like metal wood or some sort of fabric.Claes Oldenburg is considered a pop artist and he was part of the Pop art movement.
He often uses an huge scale for his artwork.He puts small things like a spoon across a lake as a bridge a spoon is a small thing not meant to be big. He is famous for many of his designs in England as well as the United States. He hit the scene in the late 80's and has been making art ever sense.He makes landscapes that fit the enviorment around him.
Claes Oldenburg has changed the way we see normal every day objects like a garden hose or spoon and now we see that these objects can be used for inspiration in some of the more creative minds Claes Oldenburg inspires me to look at the normal and find something to make out of it and to change your overall view of a "normal object" to see something more creative and different something that you wouldnt have seen before if your mind was not open and looking for something. You have to look to find what your looking for even if its in the most normal and obvious places. Thereis always something more to be found in places weve seen we just have to open ourselves and look.

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