Challenge for a better globalization
The tendency towards a global civilization is today an evidence. Everybody needs to have knowledge of the globalization to move on in the new economics in the world. Nowadays the global world is the result of an entire organization of economy and society.
"The World was divided into the First, Second and Third Worlds. Those divisions are no longer relevant" (Huntington, 1). Now the groups of countries are characterized for their culture and civilizations.
The process of globalization is necessary in the modernization and the new politics in different countries, everybody has to make treatments with other countries, nobody is self dependent in this world. This has opened several new doors to the new world, ruled by only one project, and one future, but the clash of cultures and civilizations affects the economy of the world, because everybody wants to follow his ideologies, and as result we get the creation of economic blocks such as the European Community and The North American Free Trade. As Huntington says everybody wants to keep his cultural identity and they are closing his doors for the globalization.
I think the globalization is not always the best to have relationship with all the countries, for example, the case between China and Mexico, that China is getting all the jobs that Mexico used to provide, because you can paid less to the Chinese men for a job than to the Mexican men and leave us without jobs, this cause a clash between these two countries.
In conclusion, the globalization opens new opportunities to know different cultures and open new ways of communication with the different countries in all over the world. For me the globalization is the commercial project for big economic countries.

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