As Ifirst walked in to the Nave I was surrounded by bright colors and the beautiful work of Steve Reynolds.I walked throughout the museum, but my eyes brought me back to thefirst room of work.I wanted to see more; I wanted to know what these pieces meant and what they were all about.A particular piece that I was drawn to was Steve Reynolds's dossier, 2004, mixed media.
This thick two-dimensional piece was a collage of newsprint and colorful ceramic glazes.In the upper left corner side was where my eyes werefirst drawn.In that corner was what appeared to be a newspaper clipping slanted in black and white, all capital letters spelling "Dossier" surrounded by smaller print.I followed a compositional line to the right.My eyes were interrupted by overlapping, dropping, and splattering of deep blue, red, green, black, orange, and white glazes.Surrounding the piece are two corners of frame:one on the top left and one on the bottom left also creating a compositional line.The right side seems to be heavier; it is busier and has more medium.The right side also has a larger frame.Creating balance in visual weight there was an external object attached to the smaller frame at the left top with darker colors.
When looking at this piece atfirst I was attracted to the colors.At a closer look my eyes were drawn to the text, then to the bottom right.The frames on each corner almost acted as arrows for direction bringing my attention left from right.The object was
primarily rectangular, but when taking a step back and looking at is as a whole it looks as if it has a flame and is falling or shooting in air.
I was very enticed by Steve Reynolds work but I am not sure about his meanings.The work "dossier" means collection of papers.In his series he used a collection of papers but it held no significant meaning to me.I would like to know what the meaning

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