Cloud computing can generally defined  for the delivery of hosted services over the internet. Cloud computing have several benefits  for businesses. Cloud computing depends on sharing of assets to accomplish rationality and economy of scale, like an utility.

Cloud computing services can be private, public or hybrid.Cloud computing is an enhanced technology to run businesses. Instead of running the applications
on a PC or a LAN, they run on a shared multi-tenant.The Major reasons  for the emergence of Cloud Technology are:1.Rapid growth of computer and communication technologies.2.Changes in management philosophy

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3.Availability of excess computing capacities .Cloud computing provides major benefits for small or medium businesses. It provides a great flexibility by meeting the  business demand of any organization by providing various services. There wont be any up front cost. Typically one can pay as they go and  cloud services are much faster too deploy. It will help all the employees to  synchronize up and work on documents and shared applications simultaneously from their own place. Cloud services will notify immediately when there is any software update. Cloud computing will allow employees to work from any place.  When companies start trusting on cloud-based services, they need not
have to device complex disaster recovery plans, because cloud service providers take care of
most issues in a very fast manner.Majorly cloud  Technology in Business Organization are adopted because to  Ease of use and
convenience, Cost reduction, Reliability, Security and privacy, and Sharing and collaboration. When companies have to start trusting on cloud-based services, they need not
have to device complex disaster recovery plans

.Cloud computing is definitely making effect with micro as well as SMBs or SMEs and is slowly
sneaking into their business strategy formulation and accomplishment now and in the near future.

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