Fresh from a takeover by French carmaker Renault, Nissan is hitting worldwide automotive markets with bold management, ambitious sales targeting and 28 all new models set to hi the scene in the coming years.Competition in the Australian car retailing industry is at an all time high with major multinational carmakers eg the Volkswagen group putting big money into developing customer bases in Australia.In order to survive and prosper as Nissan headquarters expects, Nissan Australia will have to deal with the following specific environmental impacts:
„&laquo Maintenance and growth of customer base and sales margins.
„&laquo Survival and development under intense competition in a small market.
„&laquo Providing products which suitable and consumable to the Australian market.
These specific environmental impacts do not occur in isolation.Nissan?s new hierarchy from Renault is demanding strong performance across the board, having invested hundreds of millions of dollars acquiring Nissan and developing new products.Furthermore Nissan Australia lacks the say of larger markets such as the United States and Europe, in determining product pricing, availability and specification.
With a raft of new models on the way, and the re introduction of parent company Renault to the Australian Market, Nissan Australia is presented with some interesting marketing tools to develop the brand image.This proves to be a promising approach however it is the view of this report that establishment of a local production arm in Australia would greatly benefit Nissan, by allowing it to compete on price and deliver the products Australian customers want, while establishing a Nissan culture in Australia.
Theory on international business sees the so called ‘six forms of separation? as the major obstacle to a successful international business.John Ries from the University of British Columbia sees differences in political situatio…

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