College campuses should be the place where the right of freedom of speech should be protected the most. Freedom of speech should be protected in college because it is critical to present a variety of perspectives for the college community. The article “Intolerance Doesn’t Belong on Campus” by Daily Editorialists, highlights the importance of freedom of speech on college campuses. The authors claim that college should promote an environment where students, rather than being protected from opposing views, are exposed to the widest variety of thought: “The campus should be a place where students are challenged to examine and defend their own points of view and consider the strengths and shortcomings of opposing points of view”(Daily Editorialists). It is of vital importance that college students learn how to tolerate different opinions. Presenting different perspectives for the college community would help students to understand issues and develop frameworks to deal with them in the future. One common  If speech is censored on college campuses students will not be aware of the different debates happening around the world. Neither will they be able to contribute to these debates due to the fact that they probably will not know how to handle the topics. Being exposed to different points of views will help college students to develop an open mind. The problem is that some college students are afraid of being exposed to different ideas. For example, at Oberlin college feminist groups were warning students about how Christina Hoff Sommers´criticism on ¨rape culture” and lecture on feminism could make them feel unsafe. They even provided a safe space for students that feel trigger by her ideas on rape culture and feminism (Kirsten Powers). Apparently, college students can not handle different points of views. If college students feel trigger by other people’s points of view, then they would not be able to participate in important debates and discussions. The best way to learn is with an open mind, therefore college students should be able to defend their own points of view, but also consider other opposing views. In order for college students to learn, they must accept that people have different opinions about certain topics. Presenting a variety of perspective for students will also help them to succeed in their professional life.   

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