The Columbia City Ballet strives to be a ballet in which the audience comes to enjoy a performance full of grace, elegance, and cultural enrichment.
The Columbia City Ballet will be a place to take families on a fun-filled night, which will enlighten children and adults to poetry in motion.The CCB plans on extending the education outreach program to more schools and districts in order to spread the beauty of the ballet to a younger crowd.The CCB wants a place where guests are begging for front row tickets.In the future the CCB visions its productions to be a place where the audience comes for an exciting evening filled with captivating sights and sounds.
The CCB prides itself on being an extremely wonderful place to change up the pace of everyday entertainment.The CCB is a classily yet comfortable atmosphere to enjoy splendid incredible sights and sounds that will have even the youngest child begging for more.
The Columbia City Ballet wants to provide Columbia with a wonderful show of arts at reasonable prices.We do not overprice for our events.We have compared our prices to those in other cities all over the U.S. and have set our prices at a comfortable medial level.The CCB will always uphold our contract agreements with our dancers.We will not use our city connections with our board of directors for any unethical personal gain.We will always represent South Carolina and the city of Columbia in a positive light.The money we receive from fundraisers will go towards the total well being of our company as well as the community.We will give one hundred percent at our shows, regardless of how many people attend, or who we are performing for.
The following activities must receive attention in order to achieve our Strategic Intent and our Strategic Mission.

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