Comics today are becoming more and more popular. With increasing readers, comics has evolved from the newspapers funnies, to today's mass production of entertainment. Comics in many ways follow up on similar forms, that makes comics its very own form of art. Considering comics as a form of art, it is to be believed that comics is a modern day art movement, due to its popularity, style, and elements which is contained in comics. Art that forms into a story has originated as long as the beginning of time. Drawings on caves that represents action of a hunt, or a history of what had happened relates to the art form known as comics. Ancient Egypt, has drawings in pyramid and buildings representing action and story as comics does.
Today, comics represents humor, horror, action, and fantasy. Comics today contains characters from the unreal to characters such as political characters to actors. Comic in some ways have no limit to what it can contain. It has become a multi-media production. Not only does comics uses ink, paints, and pencils only, comics have evolved as technology has allowed it to be.
Comics known today started out from magazines. Bradford W. Wright, author of Comic Book Nation states that, " The earliest comic books derived directly from comic strips, but in many respect they owed more to pulp magazines." The humor comics started it all. In Wright's text, it was to be believes that "titles like Famous Funnies, Funnies on Parade, and the Funnies was thefirst comic books" dating back to 1890(Wright 2). Comics purpose back then were to entertain. Using wording bubbles, readers can easily follow through the funnies. The funnies were little short boxes of art, which follow each other sequentially, to tell a story, state out a point, or basically just to entertain.
Horror, action, and fantasy comics started when popular comic hero Superman came out. " It was 1934 that two high-sch

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