Comic books or “funny books” have been around since the late 1800’s and have since become one of the world’s most famous sources of comic relief, imagination, and creativity. Because comic books are collector's items, many people attend comic book conventions, and try to get that oh so prized comic of all comics. Usually an early issue, (the closest to thefirst volume;first printing the better) or an issue that reveals something important in the storyline. (Usually the introduction of a new character, or the revealing of a popular characters true secret identity.) And where would the readers be without the writers, pencilers, inkers, and everyone else that is involved in the production of our reading delight? Probably not very far. Many people pick up a comic and don’t think about where and how every thing was put together. Many people overlook the process that is the backbone of the comic industry. Comic book production has many steps and this paper will address the pre-press part of the production process.
Thefirst step in making a comic book is generation. This is when the characters, storyline, background, and entire universe of the comic are on the drawing board. At this stage of the game just about any thing is changeable, deletable, insufficient, or too much. In my past experience many of the elements of the story mature alongside each other. Many people start with character generation. This includes some very primitive thumbnail sketches of the main character(s) and their powers. The key to good characters and good storyline is the continual amount of practice drawings and thought put into the comic. The storyline will grow and mature around the characters powers, goals for the future, enemies and many other factors revolving around the characters lives inside the comic world (background). The background of the comic book is where everything is taking place. An example of this would be Batman fighting crime in Got…

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