The Echoing Green which is written by William Blake is taken from SONGS OF INNOCENCE. It is a beautiful poem bringing forth the reality of life. Time goes on and youth grows old. All the events are repeated over and over again. It is the life's circulation.
Ⅰ.The knowledge coming from information
In this poem, Blake has created an idealistic society. The children are free to play from dusk to dawn in the secure surroundings of the village green watched over by their mothers and the old folk. There are three stanzas here. It contains 30lines, every two of which rhymes.
In thefirst stanza, the writer describes a beautiful and merry scenery about children's play. When "the sun dose arise", which means it is the start of a day, the sky is "happy" which uses personification to create a lively and easy atmosphere. "Spring" here means the start of a year and all the natural beings in this season are new and fresh. "Welcome" shows the happy mood of people. Then, the writer presents active "skylark" "thrush" to show readers a vivid picture of joyful nature. In the second stanza, from the description of the old people and their words, readers can realize that the memory of their youth is sweet and the youth is so pure and naive. "White hair" shows the old age of that man. "Dose laugh away care" tells readers how enviable the youngsters are. "When we all — girls and boys –In our youth-time were seen"—-the time of youth is the golden time of ones whole life which is worthy memorizing. In the last stanza, the writer gives us a picture of the end of a day which creates a circulation in the content. "The sun does descend" is the symbol of the end of that circulation, echoing with the "the sun dose arise" in thefirst stanza. "Like birds in their nest" presents a lively vision

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