Communication is a very strong tool for anyone to share their thought with group or people. Even today communities like deaf-blind people remain excluded from several forms of communication that is why our main objective of the project is to make communication easy for the deaf-blind people using a device called lorm glove. This smart glove will understand language called ‘LORM’ specially made for deaf-blind people, and translate it into the simple text message that appears on the mobile phone of the person on the receiving end. This glove will diminish communication barrier between deaf-blind and normal people. The Lorm glove provides communication over distance, gives access self-governing information and works as an interpreter for those who are unfamiliar with Lorm.

  The mobile glove is a mobile communication device for deaf and blind people in which it translates the hand touch alphabet “LORM”, a common form of communication for both hearing and sight detriment, into text and vice versa. To achieve that, special types of sensors are used called textile pressure sensors which are located in the palm of the glove. A Bluetooth is a very useful tool, which transmits data from glove to receiver in forms of SMS. A reverse operation has been done via Bluetooth, too. There are special types of motors used called vibration motors located on the back of the glove, tactile feedback patterns allow to a wearer to receive incoming messages. The detailed information is described in the following report.

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  The lorm gloves contrives two innovative ways of communication for deaf-blind people. It endorses text messages, chats or e-mail, parallels one to many way communication which is especially useful in school and learning context. As a result, it empowers deaf-blind people to committed to a wider social world and further enhances their independence.

  So, this is the main idea that we are trying to convey and thinking about communication of deaf-blind people and we found one solution about Lorm gloves that we are representing as a project.


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