When our group started picking out a project we were going to do an experiment.But, then we thought about it and the more we did we decided that it would be better to give back to the community.So, we sat down and looked around to see what we could do.We decided that we were going to give back by donating out time to people that needed that extra bit of support.We decided that we were going to become volunteers for a day at the Special Olympics.
As I look at our group I see that there is no clear leadership role that was shown.We all had a part in the research, planning, and implementation of the project.However, there are two figures that stand out a bit, Nancy and myself.She had the leadership role in the original planning stage of the project.She was the one that brought forth the idea for the Special Olympics.However, I was the one that organized the meeting locations and times.The others all did their parts to the fullest.Jen, Frank, and Edwin did their best to put together the power point presentation that was planned originally.Ava and Jasmina both did an excellent job with the photography part of the project.We all became leaders in the assigned roles that we played, so this project would not have been a success without the cooperation and dedication that all the team members put forth.Individually we would have been great, but as a team we were awesome.
For many of us this was afirst time experience in a project like this.Along the way we hit quite a few bumps.We were disorganized atfirst and didn't know what we were doing.But as we sat down to brainstorm, our critical thinking skills took over.We were able to solve many problems that came along the way through group communication.A big problem that hit us was that we placed a huge chunk of our presentation to be implemented and demonstrated to the class to through the power point presentation.The night before the presenta…

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