The two items I will be comparing for my response are;
1) The play of ‘My mother said I never should’
2) A scene from the TV soap, Eastenders.
We have chosen to compare these two pieces because there is an uncanny
resemblance between the characters on both pieces; also the story
The play ‘My mother said I never should’ is a theatre production which
has been performed all over England. It is a scripted play and can be
adapted to suit the audience. The time scale varies in M.M.S.I.N.S and
ranges from the 18th century to the 1990’s, it is set in a rural area
in Manchester and the characters were brought up in the same family.
Eastenders is a TV soap, series, broadcasted on BBC1 regularly; it is
set in modern-day East London in an area called Walford.
The main point of M.M.S.I.N.S is the fact that a woman gives birth to
a child when she is very young, her mother then takes responsibility
for the child and they are brought up as sisters. The Characters are
supposedly one family yet in the waste ground scenes they are all the
children of their character, even though they are from different
generations. Rosie (the child) discovers the truth of her parentage
when she find’s her birth certificate prior to her mother’s funeral.
There is a lot of friction between the characters and this is clearly
shown in the play. (Detailed description later in essay)
In Eastenders, The Slater family (who I am focusing this essay on) are
very close and spend an evening celebrating in a local restaurant,
suddenly a blazing row sparks up between Kat (the eldest) and Zoe (the
youngest).Zoe believes that Kat is her older sister. They exit the
restaurant and continue to argue on the street, Zoe states that she is
fed up of Kat trying to control her, and shouts ‘Don’t tell me what to
do.. YOU’RE not my mother’ then after a short, awkward pause, Kat

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