First of all, in order to list the similarities and differences between these two sculptures, I considered that it is better to make a description of each one, in order to appreciate the beauty of these two sculptures.
The Marble Statue of Kouros (male youth) is the earliest known life-size sculpture of a standing male from the Archaic period.The height without plinth of this statue is the 76, 5/8 inches. This statue is from Attica, Athens c.600 B.C. In addition, the kouros statue has some characteristics like the frontal pose, the lock in stone; the advance left foot and the clenched hands, which shows to us the Egyptian influence in the Greek art.
This sculpture celebrates the young figure of the man.The name of the sculptor of the Kouros is unknown.This statue was made in marble.The Kouros is a nude sculpture. It shows a rigid stance, and a proud position.In addition, the head of the Kouros has curly long hair into lovely strings of beads, and its wears a band.The eyes are not realistic.The kouros has an archaic smile.Moreover, the chest is very flat.The kouros has a denotable space cut away between the elbows and the waist. It also has space between feet, which are close to the marble stands.The feet of the Kouros are very longer. The kouros shows the idea of movement because one foot is ahead of another foot.The shoulders seen from the back are flat plane.Finally the kouros is paint in a clear color. So, the kouros represents the greater knowledge of anatomy and mobility that the Greek sculptors possessed during the Archaic Period.
The "Diadoumenos, youth tying a fillet around his head," ca 69-96 A.D is a Flavian Roman copy of the Greek bronze statue by Polykleitos.This statue was found in Delos, and it has a height of 63 inches (185.42cm).The Greek sculptor Polykleitos of Argos was one of the most famous artists of the ancient world. This sculpture was made in marble, and it represen…

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