The Speckled Band’ was another adventure of one the most well known detectives Sherlock Holmes and was set in April of ’83. The short story begins with a frame. This is to set the story apart from the other Sherlock Holmes mysteries and it also helps to show the reader that it is unlike the others too. ‘The Landlady’ doesn’t need a frame because all of Roald Dahls’ stories are different, they have different plots and different characters so most of his stories can be called singular. The frame starts with an exposition where something out of the ordinary transpires i.e. In ‘The Landlady’ there is a sign saying BED AND BREAKFAST which seems to have strange effect on Billy Weaver.

In ‘The Speckled Band’ Sherlock Holmes is up and dressed at a-quarter-past-seven but as a rule he was a late riser. COMPLICATIONS After this comes the complications of each story which helps to keep the reader interested and also adds awareness to the goings on. In ‘The Landlady’ Billy Weaver does not suspect anything of the landlady but the reader can like the strange features of the place like the stuffed Dachshund, the reader knows its stuffed but Billy doesn’t. Billy thinks the landlady looks like his friends mother, almost harmless. In ‘The Speckled Band’ Julia Stoner died so Helen Stoner went to Sherlock Holmes instead of the police and explained that her sister Julia had died but the coroner said that the cause of death was unknown. There were no marks found on her anywhere.

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The mysteries are the things that go bump in the night, the strange goings on in the two stories. There are quite a number of mysteries in both ‘The Speckled Band’ and ‘The Landlady’. Starting with ‘The Speckled Band’ before Julia Stoner died she told her sister about some soft whistling she had being hearing for the last few nights but she couldn’t tell where they were coming from but in the end she settled for it just being the gypsies on the lawn. Another thing was when Helen found her sister dead she heard a metal clang coming from inside her sisters room. After her death more mysteries were found like a ventilator which didn’t actually work as a vent because it didn’t go to the outside. It was connected to Dr Roylotts room, but it wasn’t big enough to fit a person through it. There was also strangely a bell pull dangling from the vent just above Julia’s bed.

The mysteries from ‘The Landlady’ were more ironic, we could see the mysteries but Billy Weaver couldn’t. The first big mystery was the signing in book there had only ever been two other men stay there but the strange thing was they had stayed there for two years and never left, another mystery was the smell in the tea and on the landlady, it didn’t really smell of tea more like some chemicals or something along those lines. A more mind boggling mystery is the way the landlady is always talking to Billy in the past tense as if say he’s gone or even he’s dead!


The climax is the highlight of the stories where mysteries are solved and dangers happen, the most exiting part of the short stories. ‘The Speckled Band’ Sherlock Holmes catches Dr Roylott in the act, trying to kill Helen Stoner. Dr Roylott had kept a poisonous snake in a safe and he put it in the ventilator and it slithered through into the room where Helen was meant to be. Holmes was there and he heard the snake hiss so he lashed out at it with his cane then a few seconds later there was a tremendous yell of pain coming from the next room Dr Roylott had been bitten by the snake and died.

In ‘The Landlady’ Billy drinks the strange smelling tea and the landlady reveals the two other men were still there but on the fourth floor together and a remark which she said about one of the other guests she said there wasn’t a blemish on his body- his skin was just like a babies. The endings of the two stories and what happened when it was all over. The resolution of ‘The Speckled Band’ was Helen Stoner was told by Sherlock Holmes to report all that had happened to the police and he found himself responsible for Dr Roylotts death but it wasn’t likely to weigh heavily on his conscience. ‘The Landlady’ had a totally opposite resolution because there wasn’t one at all.

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