°Drinking Alone beneath The Moon?± written by Li Po, ?°The River-Merchant??s Wife: A Letter?± written by Ezra Pound and ?°I saw in Louisiana A Live-Oak Growing?± written by Walt Whitman, all these three poems are great works. The poets express their feeling and the view to their lives and the society. In Li Po??s poem, when he drinks alone, he seems having a good idea of inviting the moon and his own shadow as friends for drinking. On the other side, he is so sad for hard to drink with a truly friend. Therefore, He is expecting an honest friendship and a justice society in his heart. In Ezra Pound??s poem, he delivers a feeling of the young wife. The poet doesn??t say a word of love, but the whole poem full of love in every sentence. The poem is writing on time order. That makes the lonely young wife??s love and missing to her husband is increasing as the time going on. In Walt Whitman??s poem, he wants to present the feeling of loneliness and unhappiness through an oak street. In fact, he doesn??t want the life like an oak tree. He speaks out that he is a human being who needs friends and love but not a plant.
In Chinese history, Li Po is one of the greatest poets. His poem is a mirror showing the society of china in his Century.To well understand the poem, we have to know about the culture of china. Moon and Wine are not only natural objects; they also are the symbolism of justice, loyalty and talent. The famous character Mr Guan has a half moon in his forehead meaning loyalty. The well-known Chinese Justiciar has a black face and bright half moon in his forehead. The bright half moon also means justice. Now it is easy to understand why the poet invites the moon as his drink mate. In Li Po??s mind, he is expecting a loyal and justice friend who may understand his feeling. Reading Li Po??s bibliography, wine and moon play important characters in his life. He likes writing about mo…

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