When Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created the ever so popular Sherlock Holmes, the British public thrived to solve the mysterious events of story after story. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle used credible characters so the working class public could relate to the then incomplete police force that they thought sluggish and dim-witted. The stories seemed mystical and strange but with the general knowledge of Holmes, the cases unravel to the bottom. In this essay I will be examining the following stories “The Speckled Band”, “The Six Napoleons”, and “The Red Headed League”. The Sherlock Holmes chronicles were written in the Victorian era.

In that time London was an intriguing place to live by day, but by night the dark horrific rapists and drug addicts appeared out from the shadows. Due to the 1870 Education Act, more people were reading and writing so they wanted something to read The Stand, a magazine Sir Arthur Doyle wrote for, gave them this with Sherlock Holmes. But by the 1890s the section was so popular he started writing full stories for the readers. In “The Speckled Band” Holmes is called upon by Miss Helen Stoner, who is afraid she might be kill for her money by her stepfather, Dr Grimesby Roylott, who had already killed her twin sister for hers.

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Before her sitter died she said, “It was the speckled band”. Helen thought this meant the gypsies at the bottom of the garden. Holmes also fell for this ‘red herring’. Soon after Helen leaves her stepfather arrives at Baker St and tells Holmes and Watson to leave him and his family alone. But Holmes carries on with the case and finds a fake bell rope, barred windows and doors because of Dr Grimesby Roylotts’ wild pets. He waited until night then he comes back and scares something that was climbing down the bell rope, he hastily moves to Dr Grimesby Roylotts room to find a speckled snake digging its teeth into Roylott.

The speckled snake was ‘The Speckled Band’. Dr Grimsby Roylott seems to be the all time villain for Holmes, he is said to be of an abnormal mixture of the qualified and the rural. Wearing a black top hat, a long frockcoat why he was swinging a hunting crop at Holmes and Watson. Holmes says when the intruder had left that he is not as strong as he seems. I think the readers will think that Dr Grimesby Roylott is irrational. Sherlock Holmes is a sharp man with the cunning of a fox. He behaves like he is showing of in front of Miss Stoner to make her think that she had mad the right decision by coming to him.

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