So is self-reflection really valuable in
undergraduate study and the graduate marketplace? The short answer is yes. I’ve
discussed how the process of self-reflection is rooted in self-awareness, and
how self-awareness involves identifying personal strengths and weaknesses,
which are important to understand for personal and professional development. As
well, I’ve looked more closely at self-reflection in three aspects: how we view
the world, our values and beliefs, and how we communicate with others. I’ve
concluded that our approaches to learning and ways of thinking are important to
understand, so we can capitalise on what works best for us in the professional
world. Understanding the drivers of our motivation and building gravitas are
essential parts of self-reflection, as they further increase our self-awareness
and stability. Reflecting on interpersonal relationships is important to
understand how to communicate with people in group cultures and dynamics, both
in study and in the workplace. I’ve also discussed how these types of
reflection are clearly valuable to improve job performance and credibility, and
how small, informal types of reflection can be equally as valuable to
graduates. I’ve backed up this discussion with examples of my own self-reflection,
to make my analysis more explicit.

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This knowledge about self-reflection
suggests that organisations should consider implementing self-awareness
programs in the workplace, or universities should encourage students to reflect.

Having said that, most people do not actively reflect because, at some level, it
may feel like a task. However, it seems that self-reflection is an invaluable process
to achieve personal and professional growth, much like reading books and
keeping up with current events. As such, I will actively try to incorporate
aspects of self-reflection into my regular routine.


 Self-awareness is the capacity for introspection and the ability to recognize oneself as an individual separate from the environment and other individuals. It is not to be confused with consciousness in the sense of qualia

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