A second point showing that the men have more freedom than the women is that in ‘Frankenstein’, Victor is asked if he wants to go to study at a university in Ingolstadt to fulfil his “thirst for knowledge” whereas Elizabeth is asked nothing of the kind and is left to busy herself with the home left behind by Victor, after Caroline’s death from Scarlet Fever. Here we can see that Victor is much more entitled to an education so that he could have a well respected position in society later on in life.

But on the other hand, Elizabeth does not have the choice to go away and study for a better education but is left at the house to look after it and the rest of the family giving the men more freedom and less responsibility. This basically brings us onto another point is that the occupation’s of the men to the women change. This is based upon earlier life where the men had the better education than the women so the women stay at home with the men going out and earning the family’s main source of money. The men at this time where considered much more important than the women. This is displayed in the text by as little as who narrates the play.

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Although this is a minor idea, it is also fairly important. During the play there are three narrators, Victor Frankenstein, the Monster, and Henry Clerval. All the female characters in the play are talking either indirectly through one of these three narrators or through a letter. This shows that the women do not have the main authority over men and are supposedly considered ‘dumb’, after not going to further education, or just in the minority and would not be listened to by the masculine sex. In life, when something bad happens to someone, the females are normally the ones to cry more than the males.

The eighteenth century people believed strongly about this and thought that the women were weaker than the females. This is also displayed in the play, for example, when William was strangled by the monster, and the family found out of his death it was only the female characters that began to cry, while the males stood strong. This idea of the masculine characters being strong is also shown in their physical appearance and intelligence. Where, with the physical appearance the men are the stronger with the female the weaker, again bringing us to the point that the men are the ones that need protect the women.

In the terms of intelligence, the men go off to university, while the women staying at home, giving the whole idea that the men are more capable mentally than the women, either knowing more at that time or just through learning and studying more, of course as well as physically and emotionally. This goes against the women, again, showing that they are weaker and worse than their opposite sex. One point that goes against this is that it was William that was killed by the monster, not Justine, who was killed indirectly through the monster’s action of giving her the locket.

This could show that the women may be harder to kill, although it is probably that the monster had more feelings for the opposite sex, despite the males being stronger. In conclusion, it is quite obvious that there were strong constraints upon the women, that is, that they were weaker, bringing around the restraints like the men should be the ones to earn the money, while the women are the ones to stay at home with the house, also other factors like the men have freedom, not so much the women.

With further people taking this more seriously, the men become the ones who later feel it is their job to protect the women and the like. It is clear that these ideas were shown in the book ‘Frankenstein’, most probably to help her make the book seem more realistic. The characters split into two groups: males and females, act as nearly complete opposites and like how I first mentioned in the introduction, i. e. the men go out to work while the women stay at home.

Probably the best comparison of these is Victor and Elizabeth, the two main characters of their sex in the book, who display all that I have said in this essay, almost in a copied manner. Jason Dealey English Coursework-Frankenstein Miss Kitson 10N W28 Page 1 Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Mary Shelley section.

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