Constantin Stanislavski was born on January 17, 1863 in Moscow. Along with nine brothers and sisters, he was born the son of a wealthy manufacture who helped him financially with his future goals. His parents created an environment that was ideal for future hero of theater by creating an outside building in to a small theater for small family plays. The children of the family were taught at home until they reached college potential. He was sent to the Lazarev Institute of Oriental Language with his brother were he later left to join his fathers firm. It was here when he discovered his love for the arts and the rest was history.
Stanislavski created a performance technique that had a huge impact on acting in America. Many new him has a bright actor, director, and teacher of the arts.He also developed a system of actor training that became widely accepted throughout the world. Many people think of him as the most influential person in Russian Theater. By the late 1800's, he was appearing with some amateur theater companies using the stage name Stanislavski. When his parents found out of this endeavor they encouraged him into more activities and to start his own company.It was Stanislavski along with Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchenko who also co-founded the Moscow Art Theater, which is know as one of the most famous theater companies in the world. The theater was also known as the (MAT) and it offered a yearly season of high-quality drama. As well as directing, Stanislavski remained the company's leading actor until 1928. While acting and directing, he still ran the family firm until the state took c!
ontrol of it in 1917, which lead to him only living as a director.
During his development of the Russian Theater, Stanislavski also had begun a system for training actors, which at times would direct them in plays. The actors were very stressed over this system and at time were not sure of its effects on their careers. …

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