Oscar Wilde is an interesting author and an intriguing person with his wild habits and outrageous literary work. One such piece is an ideal husband. The characters of this play go about the upper class lives in such a way that it is both comedic and true. Sir Robert Chiltern is the picture of the ideal husband: honest to a fault, kind, gentlemanly, rich, an important job at the House of Commons, and much more. Lord Goring is a man who every young woman wants to marry yet he does not seem interested in them. By the end of the play however he proposes to Mabel Chiltern and she accepts as he will be an ideal husband. There is also the chaos of people threatening blackmail at one another.
These two plots are expertly interwoven to create a comic play that also has interesting messages with in its light hearted tones, such as the conversations about the education of woman. Also it has other positive looks on woman such as Lady Chiltern, she has a positive and giving relationship with her husband. She has developed a working relationship much like one that we would think of a marriage today were she does basically what she wants. There are still the concepts of the time to consider when thinking about her liberation, so it is not perfect. It is better then most of what you consider of that time period.
I have also seen the movie created in 1999. Looking at only the costumes it was wonderful. The costume director outdid themselves and created some wonderful eye candy for the viewer. It was good to see the period clothes in a live action piece. To see the way that the fabric's moved and the different bright cloth that can be used. I am not sure how true they costume director was to the period but it felt very authentic. It is important to see clothes from different sources so that you can get a concrete feel for them.
When reading an ideal husband I got a feel for the time period and how people acted during it. There were seve…

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